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The freedom to build a website limited only by your imagination.

From your first website to your first million, Kepler provides powerful tools needed to effortlessly build the WordPress website of your dreams.

Element Palette

You don't have to
be a designer or a coder

We hired talented designers so you don't have to. Every element and its pixels have their purpose and style. Each element will adaptively change with each change of Stylekit.

Whats Included?

Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Tite, Title 2, Subtitle

Whats Included?

Body 1, Body 2, Overline, Caption, Article body, Quote, 123

Whats Included?

Normal, Normal Small, Call-to-action, Call-to-action small, Menu, Menu small

Whats Included?

Feather Icons, Eva Icons, Material: Two tone, Material: Outlined, Material: Standard

Whats Included?

No style, Thumbnail, Interactive

Whats Included?

Hero, Gallery, Showcase

Whats Included?

No style, Featured

Whats Included?

Standard 1, Standard 2, Standard 3, Light, Sliver, Retro, Dark, Night, Aubergine


Built with typelovers in mind

Typography makes the content on a website alot more intresting. We beleive that Type should be accessible easily, therefore we have curated thousands of fonts by the best foundries and independent designers in the world.

Photo Tool

Language of pictures

We believe that everybody is fluent in the language of pictures. Thousands of curated high-resolution photographs from the world’s most generous community of photographers have become part of your Kepler experience. Every photo is copyright free.[?]


Website Filter

Beautiful, curated, designer built styles for your content are just a click away.

Try out Style Filters

“Your website should match the mood of your brand.”

Binary Dots Screenshot batch #1
Binary Dots Screenshot batch #2
Binary Dots Screenshot batch #3

Every Pixel, Crafted

Over 40+ pages and premium websites

Start with a complete website or choose to insert as many unique, designer-built pages into your project whenever you choose.

See All Pages

We continue to update the world’s best website designs into Kepler. We believe that everybody should have access to the newest styles and great looking websites.

Binary Dots Screenshot batch #1
Binary Dots Screenshot batch #2

Perfect starts, perfect finishes

Custom headers & footers, in any page

Choose from multipe header and footer layouts. Mix and match your headers and footers and insert unique combinations within each of your pages.

Custom Headers and Footers

Earth to Kepler

One-click page importer, almost rocket science

Add new content to your website, or even add a whole new website using the advanced Page Importer in Kepler.

Kepler Page Explorer/> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class=

Iconic Shapes

Say it with

Thousands of professionally designed icons to choose from, in multiple unique styles.

Curated Colors

Colors add

Add punch and vibrance to your designs using the proprietary Global Color System and Color Tool in Kepler.

Ready. Set. Go

Natural interactions and animations

Get silky smooth movements to your website elements using the powerful animation options in Kepler.

Near and Far

Add a whole new dimension to your page

Give depth to your content with the proprietary Parallax Effect Tool in Kepler.

Background Parallax Element Parallax

Margin & Padding

Space your content easily

Simply click and drag the margin or padding handles on your Canvas to make instant edits to your layouts.

Smart Grid

Simply drag and drop your content, the layout is on us

Kepler automatically inserts all the layout containers that you will need to position your content on your page.

Smart Grid

Get Flexible

Your pages look great on any screen

Kepler is responsive to the range of screen sizes that access your website, from desktop to mobile.

Spot Edit Powerhouse

Live edit your content, just like Word

Double click on any of your text elements to make instant edits to your content, live.

Expand the Party

Add third-party WordPress plugin shortcodes

Kepler gives you a dedicated element to insert your third-party shortcodes in any part of your page.


Join the Conversation

Community, Help Request Boxes, you've got it all

Get talking in our world-class community center and use the Request Box for premium support.

Tools to Build

All the pro tools to build a stunning website

Get elegant video backgrounds, unique CSS shadows and smooth gradients to your site's design language.

Shadow Tool
Combined shadow from key and ambient lights helps your content define Depth, direction of movement, and surface edges.
Add realism and depth to your design elements to create more natural looking content.
People are more often visual leaners. Add video elements or a background to create nonverbal communication.

Join the Conversation

Community, Help Request Boxes, you've got it all

Get talking in our world-class community center and use the Request Box for premium support.


Tell Your Story

Give your content the stage it deserves

Blog like a pro using the advanced blog page and grid layouts, desgined with your content in mind.

Blog grid view
We've crafted summary cards for your posts that can give enough infomation and grab the right amount of attention.
Inside Post with sidebar.
A story with a cover photo, a quick side navigation complemented with a reading bar for a status and a quick share link. Reading has never felt more intresting.
Inside Post without sidebar.
Don't want the sidebar? Still want the same amount of features? simply remove the sidebar from post options effortlessly.

We continue to integrate the latest publishing features in Kepler. We believe that your blog should be able to give your content the attention it deserves, with the easiest reading experience to your visitors.

Blog without sidebar

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Break the mold. Build websites that fit your brand voice or idea.